We have been a sales specialist for over 20 years, supporting product and service suppliers.

We guide our clients towards better sales performance and expansion of their activities in the Building Industry.

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With over 20 years of market intelligence for the building industry, we at Obras Online monitor daily information from investors, builders and engineers ahead of feasibility studies, projects and ongoing building sites throughout the country.

During this period, we supported over 2,000 companies of different nationalities and currently, more than 500 of them appear on our portfolio as recurring clients, offering the most varied solutions for the industry.

The use of the system allows the companies’ tactical and strategic sales and marketing corps to act with greater efficiency and assertiveness, directing their efforts to the market of interest and focusing on the effective target.

To ensure success in the process of prospecting new business and managing business metrics, the System combines CRM, BI and georeferencing tools to automate and expand market insight.

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